Medical Billing in Temecula

Temecula, CA is a Southern California city that has seen tremendous growth over the last decade and a half. The city's population grew by 84.11% from the 2000 Census to the 2010 Census. From the 2010 Census through 2015, Temecula grew an additional 10.10% (10,106 people) and has a projected growth of another 8.01% from 2015-2020.

Overall, Temecula's population has seen tremendous growth since the 2000 U.S. Census.

Because of this growth, the need for additional healthcare and medical clinics has increased dramatically. Existing physicians' offices have seen a steady increase of patients, including an increase in the median age of their patients. And as age increases, so does the incidence of medical conditions and insurance claims.

The population of older Americans is on the incline across the country and the same is true with the city of Temecula. While it's true there is a large subset of the population under 18 years of age in Temecula, there is also a very large subset of the population that is 45 & older. When looking at the age demographics from Temecula, the largest percentage is in the age group of 45-54, accounting for 15.63% of the population, with ages 55-64 making up 10.85%. Another 8.86% of the population accounts for those 65 & older.

In the coming years, the medical clinics will begin to see a higher influx of patients than they are already seeing. It's vital to get your clinic prepared for the increased patient load and hence, the increased number of insurance claims that must be filed. The easiest and most efficient way to successfully accomplish this is to outsource your medical billing duties to a trusted medical billing company.

As medical clinics see higher patient volumes, their medical billing staff becomes overloaded when filing claims. This not only causes claims to be filed late, but it often results in accidental claim omissions and errors causing claims to be denied and cash flow is reduced for your practice.

Our goal at JBG Solutions is to help reduce your workload and streamline your claims to help improve your approved claims and, ultimately, improve the cash flow for your clinic. The additional benefit is we are a local company to help your clinic thrive.

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