Medical Billing

Medicine is your passion. Making your life easier is ours.

Providing your patients with exceptional care is the full time job you wanted so don’t let the burden of medical billing; dealing with insurance companies; and customer billing concerns become your full time job.

JBG SOLUTIONS, LLC can help. Our medical billing service provides you with dedicated billing support so you have an account specialist who understands you, your patients, and your practice. It is like having a full time billing assistant without all the hassle that comes with hiring and retaining qualified employees.

How we help with billing:

• Claim submission and tracking

• Claim follow-up and appeals

• Remittance advice posting

• EOB scanning

• Payment Verification

• New payer rule development

How we save you money:

• No need for full time office staff

• No sunk cost for labor

• No additional office space required

• No added payroll tax concerns

• No training costs

• No employee turnover

• No worries regarding vacation time and sick leave

How we can help improve your bottom line:

• We only get paid once you’re paid

• We’re motivated to resolve billing issues quickly

• We’re motivated to secure your maximum compensation from insurers

• We’re billing experts! We cannot control market forces, but all things being equal you can expect increased collections from our dedicated billing specialist

Please contact us today and let us show you how we can improve your medical billing experience … and your bottom line!

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